Stackscale’s Products

At Stackscale, we are proud to offer a wide range of products that we complete with our great expertise, a transparent approach and extreme technical support.

Private Cloud

We offer a Private Cloud solution that combine virtualization advantages with dedicated hardware’s guarantees.


Bare Metal as a service

We provide technical infrastructure without virtualizing in “white label”; for operating without huge investments or high usage commitments.

Network Storage

We offer two types of network storage: Flash Premium —for maximum performance and minimum latency— and Hybrid —for an excellent balance between performance, guarantees and price—.



We provide colocation, for those companies who wish to keep their hardware and enjoy the peace of mind of state-of-art CPDs at a reasonable cost.

Managed services

We provide managed services in those cases in which the customer wants to fully or partially outsource their IT department.



We offer connectivity solutions for those projects and customers who need an exclusive connection.

Anti DDoS

We offer an Anti DDoS service to help you filter any traffic identified as an attack willing to slow down your website’s performance.

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