Take advantage of the benefits of owning your infrastructure, without incurring on capital expenditures to build your own data center facility.

Forget about the hassle of maintaining your own data center. Rent a space for your servers and storage and pay as you go. Deploy and manage your infrastructure in one of our first-class data center facilities.

Benefits of moving your IT equipment to Stackscale’s data center facilities

Benefit from all the physical security measures our data centers implement by default.
Keep control of your hardware; customize it as you need.
Take advantage of our network.
Gain flexibility. Avoid the expenses and long-term contracts of renting space directly on a datacenter.
Manage your environment remotely.
Minimize travel costs by relying on our specialized team to support you in system administration*.
*We can take care of late-night emergencies and routine hardware management. Ask us about our system administration fees.

Locate your computing hardware in one of Stackscale’s colocation facilities and enjoy the benefits of being in a best-of-breed data center.

Move your infrastructure to one of our strictly selected data centers

Colocation will make you reduce costs and increase security and efficiency. The data centers where we are present must fulfill strict quality, security, efficiency, redundancy and connectivity requirements.

By moving your infrastructure to one of Stackscale’s data centers, you’ll benefit from all its features .

    • Strict physical security, such as 24/7 security, access control systems and gas-based fire suppression.
    • Climate-controlled environments .
    • Free cooling systems for higher energy efficiency.
    • Impressive fiber optics’ availability.
    • Built-in redundancy, such as minimum N+1 power backup and N+1 cooling backup.
    • Run on 100% renewable energy.

Data centers certified by International Standards


Environmental management systems


Business continuity


Information security management


Quality management systems


Energy management

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